Practically Oriented and Innovative Products

Our family of CitiusWiki products originated from our own real life business needs. We also "eat our own dog food" i.e. CitiusWiki is used in our daily operations. CitiusWiki product familiy is based on a major virtual database innovation.


CitiusWiki - Documentation and Business Processes in a Single System

CitiusWiki offers wiki-based documentation, integration of documented information with business process management, development platform for highly specialized applications and a single interface to both documented and recorded information.


CitiusWorks - ITIL Documentation and IT Service Process Management in a Single System

CitiusWorks is a Knowledge Management tool targeted for ITSM organizations. CitiusWorks combines wiki-based documentation, ITIL document integration directly with the records delivered by IT tools and a single interface to both documented and recorded information.


Trustworthy Partner to Customers and Developers

We are a trustworthy partner to our application developers and supplier to our customers. Our products are thoroughly tested and they always incorporate the latest technology. Also in our partnering relationships we are committed to providing reliable support.

Compact Team of Professionals Solving Knowledge Management Problems Based on Real-Life Experiences

With our compact team of developers we implement documentation and business process management solutions for the purpose of knowledge management. The products are targeted to both IT Service Management industry and more generically to all information intensive industries. Our family of CitiusWiki and CitiusWorks products is based on our personal experiences in managing knowledge. Citius Group Oy has got offices in Kajaani and Oulu, Finland.

An Innovative and Agile Team with Deep Roots in Business

Our roots can be traced to 1987 after which we have been delivering specialized IT and programming services to major long-term customers. Citius Group's team has got extensive experience in software engineering, IT, quality management and business development.

Emphasis on Customer Service, Continuous Innovation and High Quality

We always place customer first in all of our business, customer requirements are actively driving the R&D process. Our leading principle is always to design and implement world class solutions.